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Jackie Wells-Lindstrom Gameday jeans wife mom boss

Wife, mom, boss....ruler of the world!  Now, that would be an even better t-shirt!  This week the hubs has been called out of town for business - so someone who dons the t-shirt should be capable of taking care of the kids, holding down the fort at the store and home, right?  Well...as those of you that know me have already witnessed, nothing is ever quite that easy.  Day one - flat tire!  Don't panic, you can do this...the air nozzle thingy goes where?!?  PS - when putting air in the tire - DO NOT choose the vacuum option!  Having gotten through crisis one, then getting home to take dogs out (who do not want to go out in the rain) only to have a rat run two centimeters from my foot causing me to give small dogs big heart attacks.  Recovery from crises number two.  Said dogs now REFUSE to go to the bathroom and can't sleep because they are about to internally combust from holding their business - finally give it up - then you wake up only to step in their business.  It happens in three's!  Long story short - I survived - kids and dogs are all alive and yes - been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!

You too can have the t-shirt because we now have at Too Belles!  This makes a great gift for your girlfriends as well.  Speaking of new items - THEY ARE HERE!  Our new jeans are in and they live up to every single bit of the hype!  If you are local to the store, come in and try them on - guarantee you will walk out in them.  The fabric is a.maze.ing!  They come in dark olive (cute frayed bottom), distressed black, distressed denim and classic skinny.  We are in the process of getting them online for everyone to be able to enjoy.. 

We also have other graphic t's in stock that are great for whatever Gameday you are getting ready for.  SEAHAWK and STINGRAY moms - have a great one for you - come by and take a look. 

Too Belles Tailgate - please come by this Thursday from 5 PM - 7 PM and help us kick off a great football weekend!  Prizes, discounts and free gifts with $50 purchase - tailgating goodies included!  We will be ready to see our Tigers take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Hope to see all of you then!  Getting excited about the new additions to the store and hope you will be too...

Want to leave you with this final thought.  This has gotten me through my large and in charge kind of week when I didn't feel quite as in charge as I should have!  "Do not be anxious about anything" Philippians 4:6-7  Isn't it an awesome feeling to know that even when you have a flat tire, messy dogs, bad weather, a new business, busy kids and a schedule that just won't quit - God has got this...even if you don't!  So you may be the wife, mom and boss of the house but He is the almighty that can manage anything and everything you can't. 


Jackie & Belles


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