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As life goes on, have courage and be kind (and look great doing it!)

Jackie Wells-Lindstrom

Sometimes I feel completely silly talking about what jewelry and the latest fashions in a world that can be so scary and incredibly sad.  This week has been especially hard. The reality of life is that no matter the devastation you may experience in a lifetime, the world does still keep going. So, what do we do in the meantime? If you know anything about me the first thing I am going to do is pray like a mad woman...and then...I am going to pick myself up, have courage and be kind. I refuse to believe that there is less kindness in the world than there is evil. So my challenge to everyone is to have courage, and be kind to everyone - not just the people that think, act and look like yourself, but to EVERYONE. Love wins...and now for some fashion wins!

My favorite season is fall, and despite this 80 degree day, I am dreaming of football, pumpkin spice lattes and an overload of miniature candy bars.  Plaid, flannel, great boots and jeans are what make this season even better and Too Belles Boutique has all of the above!  If you are looking for THE perfect plaid shirt - look at the Lauren James Boyfriend shirt - it is my fave!  It covers the rear and has pockets!  Light weight, it is also good for layering (I would put with a great vest or maybe even the Shaggy V-Neck Pullover. Of course, there is the Dakota Dress that I keep harping on - only because, truly it is

Going to a football game?  You need to read all of the new stadium bag policies...or NOT!  Too Belles is now featuring POLICY Handbags - you never have to sacrifice fashion for policy ever again!  I kind of think the clear bags are like bride's maids dresses - you never use them again...until I saw the POLICY bags - love!  Check them out - they won't just be for Game Day!

Accessory overload is about to take place at the Belle - we have jewelry and other accessories coming in by the boxes in the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!  I am still OBSESSED with Budha Girl Jewelry...start thinking Christmas gifts ladies!  These water proof bracelets are not just for the summer. The favorite Whirl Choker and Bracelets are back with a new friends as well.  Also on the way in - a complete line of seasonal bath bombs and cupcakes!

I am hoping that this new season finds you well and in great health and spirits! I look forward to seeing you all in the store or conversing by phone or social media...until then, remember - have courage and be kind.

Nothing but love!



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